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Horse Sense And Horsemanship for Youth and Adults.

Introductory and “ Tune Up Horsemanship” for Entry Level equestrians and equestrians that have been away from horses and need a comprehensive tune up.

We specialize In A” levels up” program form of training using an emergence of Natural and Classical Horsemanship disciplines.

From entry level horse care and general knowledge to refresher riding skills.

One of our favorite Riding opportunities is our WAR ( Women of Age Riding ) Program.

This individualized or group riding lesson program is for “ Women of Age” That have always wanted to ride, wished they had continued to ride or just lack the confidence to know They CAN RIDE!

Riding and training are often viewed as one equine activity, but each process actually requires a whole different tool box of skills. Some riders compete and win at a very high level without learning much about tactful training, while some truly excellent trainers have no riding resume to speak of or work primarily from the ground.

Training a horse ethically and effectively requires empathy, creativity, and the ability to plan — and to let go of the plan whenever necessary. It requires an understanding of the animal’s psychology, learning theory, and behavior shaping, along with enough horse savvy to recognize when physical or environmental dysfunction needs to be addressed first.

The good news: becoming a good equestrian doesn’t depend on natural talent.

All of this knowledge can be learned, practiced and taught.

The bad news: every time we interact with a horse, we’re training that horse.

This means that a student who is short on training skills can quickly find herself in a pickle when handling horses independently. She’s training, all right — just not the lessons she intended to teach!

An equestrian’s happiness and success is determined by how well he studies all three aspects of horsemanship:
horse care, training, riding

Horse Sense = unmounted skills

We want horses to be rewarded for their patience and generosity! Humans who accept full responsibility for learning how to care for horses – with a commitment to a lifetime of active learning – are the best reward we can provide.

Horsemanship=mounted skills

Riding in harmony with a horse is a gift we’d like all riders – and all horses – to experience and appreciate.

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